Alexander Theroux
A Checklist of Publications

by Steven Moore


A. Books & Pamphlets

A1 Three Wogs

a. Boston: Gambit, 1972

b. London: Chatto & Windus, 1973

c. London: Wildwood House, 1973 (paper)

d. Boston: David Godine, 1975 (paper; "Theroux Metaphrastes" [A2] added as an appendix)      

e. New York: Holt/Owl, 1997 (paper)

A2 Theroux Metaphrastes

a. Boston: David Godine, 1975 (pamphlet)

A3 The Schinocephalic Waif

a. Boston: David Godine, 1975

A4 The Great Wheadle Tragedy

a. Boston: David Godine, 1975

A5 Master Snickup’s Cloak

a. Limpsfield, Surrey: Paper Tiger Books, 1979

b. New York: Harper & Row, 1979 (rpt. in A6, 140-44)

A6 Darconville’s Cat

a.1. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1981 [p. 483 printed as dot matrix]

a.2. limited reprint with p. 483 as solid black rectangle, per author’s insistence; thus in                2nd printing

b. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1983

c. New York: Holt/Owl, 1996 (paper), with revisions

A7 A Christmas Fable

a. Privately printed pamphlet of 50 copies, 1983

A8 An Adultery

a. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1987

b. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1988

c. New York: Collier Books, 1988 (paper)

d. London: Paladin/Grafton Books, 1990 (paper)

e. New York: Holt/Owl, 1997 (paper)

A9 A Christmas Prayer

a. Privately printed card, 1987

A10 History Is Made at Night

a. West Chester, PA: Aralia Press (ltd. to 150 copies; rpt. in A11)

A11 The Lollipop Trollops and Other Poems

a. Normal, IL: Dalkey Archive Press, 1992 (paper)

b. Ibid., cloth edition

c. Ibid., signed ltd ed. (100 cc; half for sale, half hors de commerce)

A12 Watergraphs

a. Boston: Base Canard, 1994 (trade ed., 100 cc)

b. Ibid., deluxe ed. (15 cc)

A13 The Primary Colors

a. New York: Henry Holt, 1994

b. New York: Quality Paperback Book Club, 1994

c. London: Picador, 1995 (paper)

d. New York: Holt/Owl, 1996 (paper)

A14 The Secondary Colors

a. New York: Henry Holt, 1996

b. New York: Holt/Owl, 1997 (paper)

A15 The Enigma of Al Capp

a. Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 1999

A16 The Strange Case of Edward Gorey

            a. Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2000

            b. Revised ed., Fantagraphics, May 2002

A17 Laura Warholic, or the Sexual Intellectual

a. Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2007


A. Books & Pamphlets
B. Contributions to Books & Pamphlets
C. Contributions to Periodicals
D. Translations of Theroux's Work


B. Contributions to Books & Pamphlets

B1 Five Poets. Edited by Nana Lampton

a. Charlottesville, VA: privately printed, 1966
    Contains: "Erkomai" and "Reveries of Children Dying" (11-14); the latter rpt. in A11

B2 London Magazine Stories 5. Edited by Alan Ross

a. London: London Magazine Editions, 1970
    Contains: "Mrs Proby Gets Hers" (14-45), rpt. from London Magazine (C17)

B3 Mom, the Flag, and Apple Pie. Edited by the editors of Esquire

a. Garden City: Doubleday, 1976
    Contains: "The Psychiatrist" (198-210), rpt. of "The Shrink" (C36)

B4 The Pushcart Prize, First Edition 1976-77. Edited by Bill Henderson

a: Yonkers: Pushcart Press, 1976

b. New York: Avon Equinox, 1976 (paper)
    Contains: "Lynda van Cats" (139-43), rpt. from Antaeus (C35)

B5 Self-Portrait: Book People Picture Themselves. Edited by Burt Britton

a. New York: Random House, 1976 (cloth and paper)
    Contains: AT’s cartoon self-portrait (38) 

B6 Ariel: The Book of Fantasy, vol. 4. Edited by Thomas Durwood

a. Kansas City, MO: Ariel Books/Ballantine, 1978
    Contains: "The Night of the Niffelheim Dwarves" (66); rpt. in A11

B7 Fritz Eichenberg: The Artist and the Book

a. New Haven, CT: Yale University Library, 1979 (pamphlet)
    Contains: "Fritz Eichenberg" (9-15)

B8 Junk Food. Edited by Charles J. Rubin, David Rollert, et al.

a. New York: Dial, 1980

b. New York: Delta, 1980 (paper)
    Contains: "The Chinese Restaurant" (133-35)

B9 The Best of Modern Humor. Edited by Mordecai Richler

a. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1983

b. London: Allan Lane, 1984

c. London: Penguin, 1984 (paper)
    Contains: part 1 of "Mrs. Proby Gets Hers" (453-66), from Three Wogs

B10 Vice & Virtue in Everyday Life: Introductory Readings in Ethics. Edited by Christina Hoff Sommers

a. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985
    Contains: "Revenge" (280-91), rpt. from Harper’s (C61)

B11 The Pushcart Prize XVII: Best of the Small Presses 1992-1993. Edited by Bill Henderson

a. Wainscott, NY: Pushcart Press, 1992
    Contains: "A Note on the Type" (268-70), rpt. from Review of Contemporary Fiction (C98)

B12 The March of Literature, by Ford Madox Ford

a. Normal, IL: Dalkey Archive Press, 1994
    Contains: "Introduction" (ix-xviii)

B13 The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy

a. New York: Modern Library, 1994

b. New York: Modern Library, 2001 [paper]
    Contains: "Introduction" (xi-xv)

B14 The Penguin Book of Infidelities. Edited by Stephen Brook

a: London: Viking, 1994

b. London & New York: Penguin, 1995 (paper)
    Contains: untitled excerpt from An Adultery, 196-200 (29-32)

B15 The Art of the Essay: The Best of 1999. Edited by Phillip Lopate.

            a: New York: Anchor Books, 1999.
              Contains: "Black" (311-25), rpt. from Conjunctions (C187)

B16 The Pushcart Prize XXIV: Best of the Small Presses 2000. Edited by Bill Henderson.

a. Wainscott: Pushcart Press, 1999.
   Contains: "Odd Collections" (334-44), rpt. from Yale Review (C182).

B17 Chick for a Day: What Would You Do If You Were One? Edited by Fiona Giles.

            a: New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000
               Contains: "Spelunking" (69-79).

B18 Hadrian the Seventh, by Fr. Rolfe (Baron Corvo)

            a. New York: New York Review Books, 2001
               Contains: "Introduction" (ix-xv)

B19 Take My Advice: Letters to the Next Generation from People Who Know a Thing or Two. Edited by James L. Harmon.

            a. New York: Simon & Schuster, April 2002.
     Contains: brief, untitled passage and a photo of AT (92)

B20 Ted Williams: The Pursuit of Perfection. Edited by Jim Prime and Bill Nowlin.

            a. Sports Publishing, Inc., July 2002            
"Ted Williams’ Edge" (249-50) (First broadcast on radio? note reads: Courtesy of      National Public Radio’s Morning Edition)

B21 The Pushcart Prize XXVII: Best of the Small Presses, 2003. Edited by Bill Henderson

            a: Wainscott, NY: Pushcart Press, January 2003
"Camp Cedar Crest" (125-32), rpt. from Conjunctions (C218)

B22 The Next American Essay. Edited by John D’Agata

            a. St. Paul: Graywolf, January 2003.
      Contains: "Black" (319-31), rpt. from Conjunctions (C187)


A. Books & Pamphlets
B. Contributions to Books & Pamphlets
C. Contributions to Periodicals
D. Translations of Theroux's Work


C. Contributions to Periodicals

[BR=book review; D=drama; E=essay; F=fiction; P=poetry]

C1 "Over Edom Will I Cast Out My Shoe." Canticle [St. Francis College, Biddeford, ME] 8.1 (1964): 9-17. [F]

C2 "The Stride: A Gnoem." Canticle 8.1 (1964): 21-22. [P]

C3  "Must Thou Char the Wood . . . ?" Canticle 8.1 (1964): 34-37. [BR: James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time]

C4  "The Invisible Man." Canticle 8.2 (1964): 8-11. [E]

C5  "The Unaffiliated and the Lack of Affiliation: An Approach to Estrangement in Modern Man." Canticle 8.2 (1964): 19-34. [E]

C6  "The Tin Drum." Canticle 8.2 (1964): 58-67. [BR of Gunther Grass’s novel]

C7  "Christmas Eve at the Gordon Crumms." Rapier [University of Virginia] 1.2 (January 1967): 14-15, 31, 33, 36-37. [D]

C8  "The Sweethearts and Chagrin of Roland Maguffy." Rapier 1.3 (April 1967): 29-31, 37-38. [D: the basis for "Childe Roland" in Three Wogs]

C9  "The Meeting of the Heads" and "In the Children’s Parks Is Fun." Poetry Bag 1.4 (Summer1967): 32-33. [P; both rpt. in A11]

C10  "Over Edom Will I Cast Out My Shoe." Plume & Sword [University of Virginia] 7.4 (Summer 1967): 2-8. [F: rpt. of C1]

C11  "Part of Loving’s Leaving." Plume & Sword 7.4 (Summer 1967): 16. [P; rpt. in A11]

C12  "The Rape of the Carnival Woman One Hot Funless Night by the Muffin Boy, the Jobbing  Tailor, and Myself." Plume & Sword 7.4 (Summer 1967): 17. [P]

C13  "The Confessions of Mrs. Motherwell." Rapier 2.1 (November 1967): 26-29, 35-36. [D]

C14  "Admissions." Transatlantic Review 27 (Winter 1967-68): 73. [P; rpt. in A11]

C15  "By the Waters Now of Doom I Sit" and "The Gesture of Vanni Fucci." Latitudes 2.2 (1968): 45. [P; rpt. in A11]

C16  "The Water Babies." Christian Science Monitor. [E: untraced]

C17  "Mrs Proby Gets Hers." London Magazine 9.6 (September 1969): 5-36. [F: rpt. in A1 and B2]

C18  "Part of Loving’s Leaving." Georgia Review 23.4 (Winter 1969): 530. [P: rpt. of C11]

C19  "The Inarticulate Hero." National Review, 24 February 1970, 199-201. [E]

C20  "Beware the Cheshire Cheese, Home of the Mad Train Maven." New York Times, 11 February 1973, "Travel and Resorts," 1, 13. [F]

C21  "The American Tourist Home: In the World, but Not of It." New York Times, 20 May 1973, "Travel and Resorts," 1, 51. [F]

C22  "Fark Pooks." London Magazine 13.2 (June/July 1973): 48-56 [F]

C23  "Fark Pooks." Esquire, August 1973, 104, 126-27. [F: simultaneous with C22]

C24  "Mrs. Marwood’s Spunkies." Antaeus 11 (Autumn 1973): 90-96. [F]

C25  "A Wordstress in Williamsburg." Antaeus 13/14 (Spring/Summer 1974): 346-51. [F: partly subsumed into A6]

C26  "The Incredible Revenge of Edward Gorey." Esquire, June 1974, 110-11, 144, 146, 148. [E]

C27  "Scugnizzo’s Pasta Co." Encounter 43.3 (September 1974): 3-7. [F]

C28  "From Linda van der Lubbe." Harvard Advocate 107.1 (Fall 1974): 17-19. [F: rpt. in A6, 29-40]

C29  "Divvy Up Dollars and Eat More." Atlantic Monthly, April 1975, 94-96. [E: an abridged version of A2]

C30  "Good Old with Everything." Esquire, April 1975, 79, 148, 150, 152, 156, 158, 160. [E: Samuel Eliot Morison]

C31  "‘Want Me? It’ll Cost You!’" Esquire, July 1975, 112-15, 136-38. [E: on lobsters]

C32 "Auden’s Face." Harvard Advocate (Special Auden Issue) 108.2-3 (September 1975): 17. [P; rpt in A11]

C33 "The Sissy." Esquire, October 1975, 198-201, 218, 220. [E]

C34 "The Caliph Omar Confounded: Delights of Book Collecting." Harvard Magazine, November 1975, 58-60. [E]

C35 "Lynda van Cats." Antaeus 19 (Autumn 1975): 47-51. [F; rpt. in B4, revised for A5 and A6]

C36 "The Shrink." Esquire, December 1975, 166-68, 185-86. [E; rpt. in B3]

C37 "Silent Nights, Holy Daze: A Seasonal Meditation." Boston Phoenix, 9 December 1975, 20, 22. E]

C38 "Three Grown-up Fantasies." Esquire, April 1976, 73. [E]

C39 "The Cape of Good Hope?" Boston Magazine, June 1976, 140, 125-26. [E]

C40 "No News Is Agnew’s." Boston Magazine, July 1976, 49-51. [BR: Spiro Agnew’s The Canfield Decision]

C41 "No Lady, Madonna." Boston Magazine, August 1976, 39-42. [BR: James Carroll’s Madonna Red]

C42 "Finocchio, or the Tale of a Man with a Long Nose." Massachusetts Review 17 (Summer 1976): 234-42. [F]

C43 "The Class Menagerie." Esquire, September 1976, 61-65. [E: a satire on five university types; the last, "The Old Scholar," reappears as Prof. McGentsroom in A6, 406-8]

C44 "Shelling Hard-boiled Higgins." Boston Magazine, September 1976, 58-60. [BR: Jack Higgins’s  Judgment of Deke Hunter]

C45 "Sun Daze, Bloody Sun Daze." Boston Magazine, October 1976, 37-40. [BR: Geoffrey Wolff’s Black Sun: The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby; on p. 40 are brief comments by AT on four "Recommended" titles: Martin Green’s Children of the Sun, Everett S. Allen’s A Wind to Shake the World, Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr.’s The Planet We Live On, and Paul Theroux’s The Family Arsenal]

C46 "The Poverty of Rich." Boston Magazine, November 1976, 46-48. [BR: Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born]

C47 "The Flesh Made Word." Boston Magazine, December 1976[?], 26, 28, 30-31. [BR: Richard Selzer’s Mortal Lessons; on p. 31 are three "Recommended" titles: Charles Higham’s Adventures of Conan Doyle, Joseph Frank’s Dostoevsky: The Seeds of Revolt, and Meta Carpenter’s A Loving Gentleman]

C48 "‘Speak for Yourself, John’—A Line Never Uttered?" New York Times, 16 November 1977, "Living," C8. [E]

C49 "Southern Manners." Canto 2.2 (Summer 1978): 153-60. [E; revised for A6, chap. 7]

C50 "A Polish Joke." Paris Review 20 (no. 74)(Fall/Winter 1978): 90-100. [F]

C51 "St. Winifred’s Bells." Boston Monthly 1.2 (June/July 1979). [F]

C52 "Matters of Taste." Harper’s, August 1979, 94, 96-97. [E: on candy]

C53 "Captain Birdseye’s Expedition." Hard Scuffle, Folio/79 (1979): 48-49. [F]

C54 "Captain Birdseye’s Expedition." Iowa Review 11.2/3 (Spring/Summer 1980): 35-38. [F; rpt. of C53] 

C55 "Cape Cod’s Elegant Primitive." Boston Magazine, November 1980, 91-92, 95-96. [E: on Ralph Cahoon]

C56 "The Home of ‘Jingle Bells.’" New York Times, 27 December 1981, "Travel," 19. [E: Christmas memories of Medford]

C57 "The Evangelist." Harper’s, January 1982, 73-77 [E: an expanded essay version of A6, chap. 46]

C58 "Dedicated Followers of Fashion." Sportscape: The Boston Sports Journal, Spring 1982, 29-30. [E]

C59 "The Falmouth to Provincetown Canvas." New York Times, 13 June 1982, "Travel," 45. [E]

C60 "The Court of Kings." Sportscape 2.5 (October 1982): 22-24, 27. [E]

C61 "Revenge." Harper’s, October 1982, 26-31. [E]

C62 "Pick of the Prep Schools." Travel & Leisure, November 1982[?]. [E]

C63 "Thanksgiving and Thoreau." New York Times, 24 November 1982, 17, 20. [E]

C64 "How Curious the Camel." Reader’s Digest, February 1983, 90-92. [E]

C65 "The Doom Sellers." Boston Globe Magazine, 27 February 1983, 8-9, 40-41, 44-45. [E]

C66 "I Sing the Parrot!" Reader’s Digest, May 1983, 103-6. [E]

C67 "Alex at Andover." Andover Bulletin 76.4 (Spring 1983): 12-13. [E]

C68 "Watergraphs." Boston Globe Magazine, 9 October 1983, 10-11, 16, 22, 24, 28, 30, 34. [F: rpt. in A12]

C69 "Fear and Loathing on the Ski Trail." Sportscape 3.9 (November 1983): 25-26. [E]

C70 "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat." Reader’s Digest, January 1984, 161-62, 164. [E]

C71 "The Word from New England: The Light at the End of a Long, Cold Tunnel." Vanity            Fair, April 1984, 92. [E]

C72 "The Name of the Nose." New Age Journal, September 1984, 104. [E]

C73 "Dwindling Days, Widening Vistas: Off Season on the Cape." Boston Globe, 28 October             1984, "Travel," 26-27, 32, 38-39. [E]

C74 "A Woman with Sauce." Boston Globe Magazine, 13 January 1985, 10-11, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 41-42. [F]

C75 "New England Brigadoon: The Discreet Charms of Oak Bluffs." New England Monthly 2.8 (August 1985): 41-44. [E]

C76 "John Fowles Poses Another Literary Riddle." Boston Sunday Globe, 18 August 1985, A9,             A12. [BR: Fowles’s A Maggot]

C77 "The Cape Complaint." Boston Globe Magazine, 6 July 1986, 18-24. [E]

C78 "Nerd University." New England Monthly 3.10 (October 1986): 60-65. [E: on MIT students]

C79 "Chasing Mermaids." Art & Antiques, November 1986, 86-90, 116, 118. [E: on Ralph and Martha Cahoon]

C80 "The Wragby Cars." Mississippi Review 15.3 (no. 45)(Spring/Summer 1987): 101-3. [F]

C81 "The Perfect Scoop." Art & Antiques, May 1987, 95-96, 113. [E: on ice-cream scoopers, including AT’s own collection]

C82 "Caution: Geniuses at Work." Reader’s Digest, October 1987, 215-20. [E: abridged version of C78]

C83 "Silent, Solitary: The Cape in Winter." New York Times Magazine, Part 2: "The Sophisticated Traveler," 4 October 1987, 10, 82. [E]

C84 "Dabblers and Dabbling." Art & Antiques, November 1987, 107-8, 110, 113-16. [E]

C85 "Do Not Print This Letter." Harper’s, January 1988, 70-73. [E]

C86 "Mortal Goddess." Art & Antiques, March 1988, 84-89, 116-18, 120, 122. [E: on Botticelli’s model Simonetta Vespucci]

C87 "Artists Who Kill." Art & Antiques, Summer 1988, 95-104. [E]

C88 "The Sphinx of Delft." Art & Antiques, December 1988, 84-89, 120, 122, 124. [E: on Vermeer and Proust]

C89 "Only Collect." Art & Antiques, March 1989, 112-18, 120, 122, 124, 126. [E]

C90 "Yin and Yanks." Boston Globe Magazine, 2 July 1989, 1, 22-25, 28, 31, 34-41. [E]

C91 "People Looking for Things to Need." Boston Globe, 23 July 1989, "Focus," 65, 67-68. [E]

C92 "Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod." Art & Antiques, January 1990, 56-67, 97-98. [E]

C93 "What’s the Word for . . . ?" Harper’s, February 1990, 45-51. [A forum where several writers suggest and define neologisms; AT contributes six items]

C94 "Rhapsody in Blue." Art & Antiques, April 1990, 70-77. [E: expanded as "Blue" in A13]

C95 "Henry James’s Boston." Iowa Review 20.2 (Spring/Summer 1990): 158-65. [E]

C96 "Raphael’s Lost Madonna." Art & Antiques, December 1990, 82-87, 122, 124. [E]

C97 "The Detours of Art." Review of Contemporary Fiction 11.1 (Spring 1991): 36-40. [E]

C98 "A Note on the Type." Review of Contemporary Fiction 11.1 (Spring 1991): 41-42. [F; rpt. in A12 and B11]

C99 "The Lollipop Trollops." Review of Contemporary Fiction 11.1 (Spring 1991): 83. [P; rpt. as "Mother Gideon" in A11]

C100 "Comfort Food." Lear’s, February 1991, 82-87. [E]

C101 [Letter to the editor]. New York Times Book Review, 26 May 1991, 4. [In re: a review of George Howe Colt’s The Enigma of Suicide]

C102 [BR of Milan Kundera’s Immortality.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 11.3 (Fall 1991): 265-67.

C103 "Was It Something They Said?" Washington Post Book World, 13 October 1991, 5. [BR: Julian Barnes’s Talking It Over]

C104  "Santa Fé Trails." Art & Antiques, February 1992, 40-51, 84-87. [E]

C105 "Dial F for Fantasy." Washington Post Book World, 9 February 1992, 3, 7. [BR: Nicholson Baker’s Vox]

C106 "Wittgenstein’s Proposal" and "Vinyl Junkie." Poetry East 33 (Spring 1992): 150, 151. [P]

C107 "Eye of the Beholder." Washington Post, 10 September 1992, "Style," C2. [BR: Siri Hustvedt’s The Blindfold]

C108 "Sweetly Singing." Washington Post Book World, 6 December 1992, 9. [BR: Sayers and O’Brien’s Sinatra: The Man and His Music]

C109 [BR of Camille Paglia’s Sex, Art and American Culture.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 13.1 (Spring 1993): 289-92.

C110 "The Stendhal Syndrome." Art & Antiques, April 1993, 72-77. [E: on overwhelming responses to art]

C111 [Letter to the editor.] New York Times Book Review, 4 April 1993, 34. [Protests D. M. Thomas’s "vile remark" in his review of Philip Roth’s Operation Shylock and the bigotry of all involved]

C112 "Six Poems." Conjunctions 20 (May 1993): 127-29. [P: Jesus and the Cat; Jonah Considers His Right Hand from His Left Hand; What Mr. Ambidextrine Was Told at Confession at the 31st St. Shrine; Consolation of Philosophy; Lucifer Is Haunted by the Echo of His Last Goodbye; Willow Tree]

C113 "Portrait of Laure: Life and Hard Times of a Novel’s Narrator." Philadelphia Inquirer, 5            September 1993. [BR: Kathy Acker’s My Mother: Demonology]

C114 [BR of James McCourt’s Time Remaining.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 13.3 (Fall 1993): 207-8.

C115 [BR of Milorad Pavič’s The Inner Side of the Wind.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 13.3 (Fall 1993): 216-17.

C116 [BR of Gabriel García Márquez’s Strange Pilgrims.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 14.1 (Spring 1994): 211.

C117 "The Tropics of Updike." Chicago Tribune, 30 January 1994, "Books," 1, 9. [BR: John Updike’s Brazil]

C118 [BR of Bowles’s In Touch: The Letters of Paul Bowles.] Chicago Tribune, 13 February 1994, "Books."

C119 [BR of William T. Vollmann’s The Rifles.] Philadelphia Inquirer, February? 1994.

C120 "Yellow in Spectrum: A Jaundiced Etymology." Harper’s, March 1994, 68-75. [E: expanded as "Yellow" in A13]

C121 "America’s Poetic Heritage." Chicago Tribune, 20 March 1994, "Books." [BR: Library of            America’s American Poetry: the Nineteenth Century]

C122 "Drifting around the Island of Self." Chicago Tribune, 29 May 1994, "Books," 6-7. [BR:             John Barth’s Once upon a Time]

C123 [BR of Karttunen’s Between Worlds.] Boston Globe, Summer 1994 (untraced).

C124 "The Novel of Learning: Endangered Species." Review of Contemporary Fiction 14.2 (Summer 1994): 192-98. [E: reuses parts of "Theroux Metaphrastes"]

C125 [BR of Guy Davenport’s Table of Green Fields.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 14.2 (Summer 1994): 201.

C126 "Order from Anguish." Chicago Tribune, 24 July 1994, "Books," 5. [BR: T. S. Eliot’s Varieties of Metaphysical Poetry]

C127 "Tolstoys in Torment." Chicago Tribune, 31 July 1994, "Books," 1, 6. [BR: Shirer’s Love and Hatred: The Stormy Marriage of Leo and Sonya Tolstoy]

C128 "The Many and the One." Cups: A Café Journal, September 1994, 10. [P]

C129 "Witches a la Rice: Rich in Sorcery and Soap Opera, Serves at Least 600,000." Chicago Tribune, 9 October 1994, "Books," 5, 8. [BR: Anne Rice’s Taltos]

C130 "The World as She Found It." Washington Post Book World, 23 October 1994, 7. [BR: Jostein Gaardner’s Sophie’s World]

C131 "A Friendship Most Puzzling." Chicago Tribune, 30 October 1994, "Books," 4. [BR: Richard Holmes’s Dr. Johnson and Mr. Savage]

C132 "Observations at Sunset." Chicago Tribune, 20 November 1994, "Books," 3. [BR: John Updike’s The Afterlife]

C133 "Everyday Evil." Chicago Tribune, 15 January 1995, "Books," 3. [BR: William Trevor’s Felicia’s  Journey]

C134 "How to Read a Mug." San Diego Reader, 19 January 1995, 42-46. [E: on faces]

C135 "Canon Law." National Review, 23 January 1995, 65-66. [BR: Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon]

C136 [BR of Philippe Soller’s Watteau in Venice.] Review of Contemporary Fiction 15.1 (Spring 1995): 163.

C137 "Faulkner the Preacher." Chicago Tribune, 29 January 1995, "Books," 6-7. [BR: Novels: 1942-1954]

C138 "What Paul West Has Learned from a Lifetime Study of Pain." Chicago Tribune, 19 February 1995, "Books," 13. [BR: West’s A Stroke of Genius]

C139 "‘Primary Colors’ Error Was Case of Punctuation." New York Times, 7 March 1995, A10. [Letter to editor responding to charges in 3 March edition of plagiary in The Primary Colors]

C140 "Nuclear Triangle." Chicago Tribune, 26 March 1995, "Books," 5. [BR: Bradford Morrow’s Trinity Fields; excerpts rpt. Chicago Tribune, 7 April 1996, "Books," 8.]

C141 "Out of North Park: Ted Williams’s Climb to Greatness." San Diego Reader, 11 May 1995, 46-50. [E]

C142 "Hateful, Hurtful and Hellish." San Diego Reader, 1 June 1995, 30-35. [E: on plagiary charges in New York Times]

C143 "Bits from a Beat." Chicago Tribune, 11 June 1995, "Books," 5. [BR: Allen Ginsberg’s Journals  Mid-Fifties] Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism Yearbook, vol. 109 (Gale, 1998)

C144 "Californians Are an Idle, Thriftless People." San Diego Reader, 6 July 1995, 38-40. [E: on Richard Henry David and his opinions of San Diego]

C145 "Birth of the Pill." Chicago Tribune, 9 July 1995, "Books," 1, 11. [BR: Bernard Asbell’s The Pill]

C146 "Anthony Burgess on the Kit Marlowe Case." Chicago Tribune, 16 July 1995, "Books," 3, 11. [BR: Burgess’s A Dead Man in Deptford]

C147 "The Grammar of Rock and Roll." San Diego Reader, 20 July 1995, 22-35. [E: on rock lyrics]

C148 "On Walden Pond." Chicago Tribune, 20 August 1995, "Books," 1-2. [BR: Thoreau’s Walden: An Annotated Edition]

C149 "Red." Manchester Guardian Weekend, 28 October 1995, 14-22. [Rpt. from A13]

C150 "Decent Life Led by the Ordinary Man." San Diego Reader, 9 November 1995, 47-50. [E: on AT’s father]

C151 "A Fellini Self-Portrait." Chicago Tribune, 17 December 1995, "Books," 6-7. [BR: Charlotte Chandler’s I, Fellini]

C152 "Every Time I Go Out among Men, I Come Back Less a Man." San Diego Reader, 21 December 1995, 1, 24-26, 28, 30, 32-34. [E: on Trappists]

C153 "When Songs Were Golden." Chicago Tribune, 24 December 1995, "Books," 1, 6. [BR of several books on Gershwin, Hammerstein, Lerner, and Sinatra]

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D. Translations of AT’s Works

D1 [Chinese characters: The Primary Colors: Three Essays.] Taiwan: Linking Publishing Co., 1997.

D2 Blau: Anleitungen eine Farbe zu lesen. Trans. Michael Bischoff. Hamburg: Europäische Verlagsanstalt, 1998. [Trans. of "Blue" from A13.]

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D8 Trois métèques: Contes drolatiques du racisme ordinaire. Trans. Marc Chénetier. Paris: Éditions Phébus, 2002. [Trans. of A1]

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